Ordering new shirts? Helpful tips.

1. Sizing I think is our customers most difficult decision. Unisex shirts or mens shirts there is not a very big difference. Unisex works well for both men and woman in most situations. Ordering ladies cuts, although they may be requested can run into sizing issues at time. Ladies shirts generally run on the smaller side, if it is a must, we recommend ordering a size larger than normal to accommodate or request a sample shirt be sent out.

2. Colors that we show you may not be exactly what you are seeing on your computer monitor. Every computer monitor depending on the cost and quality displays colors a little differently. You cannot use this as a reliable reference to color. If color is very important to you, we can always pantone match colors for a additional fee.

3. Ordering shirts from different manufacturers may change not only the print color, but feel. Even though a shirt may have the same fabric type, thread count can be different thus altering the way a print will show up. Using discharge ink? This can also give varying results once the image is fully discharged.

4. Double check your proof before you approve. The mockup we provide you will be an accurate rendering of the finish product. Make sure you double check spelling, grammar, and your design before you approve.

5. New shirts sometimes have a funny feel on the inside, washing before use will make this go away. We recommend washing with cold water, and drying on low temp to ensure longevity.

If you ever have questions you cant find the answer to please feel free to contact us, we can help you via, phone, email or instant messenger.

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