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Ink'd Visions is a fully equipped screen printing shop that is located in a suburb of Chicago Illinois. We aim to provide high quality customer service to our customers, whether you are in the apparel business, organizing a fund raiser, or operate a small business. We work closely with you to provide friendly attentive service.

Ink’d Visions started out of the passion we have for screen printing and decorated apparel. Our goal is to provide a great product with great customer service in a timely manner. It is out of enjoyment for the art that helps guide us in this direction.

We seek a high standard of performance, maintaining a strong long-term and growing position in the competitive environments in which we choose to operate.

Our principles are based on our core values of honesty, integrity and respect for people and are part of everything we do. They apply to all our business affairs and describe the behavior expected of every employee.




Plastisol is the most commonly used ink in the t-shirt printing industry. Its most identifiable characteristic is, as the name suggests, a more plasticized texture with a solid opacity. The ink sits on top of the fabric instead of soaking into it, giving the print a slightly raised texture. Plastisol ink is great for printing on darker garments, tote bags, & drawstring bags.  Plastisol also has very good longevity.



Water based inks are Eco-friendly and water soluble. The ink absorbs into the fibers of the garment achieving a soft hand touch. Water based inks are considered premium and desirable for achieving a high end look.



Discharge inks are used to print lighter colors onto darker textiles. It works by removing the dye of the garment and replacing it with a pigment color of your choice. The pigment dyes the fabric itself as opposed to applying a surface layer of ink onto the fabric. Once laundered, you will notice virtually no textural difference between the printed and non printed areas.

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