Ink'd Visions can work with you on an idea or existing artwork. We prefer finished artwork in Photoshop, or Adobe Illustrator but can use high resolution .jpg, pdf, or .png images as well.  We can do all the color separation for you, so that is not something you need to worry about. Also, if your image is not the greatest quality, we have software that can enhance some images, or we can work with you to redraw the image in our editing software.

Apparel pricing is normally based on quantity, the more pieces you order the better price per piece. We will normally not charge a fee for setup, or screens as long as there is a 24 shirt minimum.  We have shipping or local delivery available, and can normally complete your order in 7 to 10 working days.  If you need something sooner, please let us know we can try to accommodate and get your items printed sooner.

Ink'd Visions uses 1 of three inks to print on your custom apparel. We choose the ink that will work best with the desired result we are trying to achieve. For the majority of jobs we are going to use plastisol ink as this works well on most fabrics, and is a lower cost for you. Depending on the image be printed, water based and discharge inks may incur an additional cost. If you would like a specific ink please let us know prior to quoting the job..



Plastisol ink is probably the most common ink you will encounter.  I would say it makes up for the bulk of inks used in t-shirt printing as well as tote bags. It is most identifiable by as the name suggests, a more plasticized texture with a solid opacity.  Plastisol sits on top of the fabric instead of soaking into it, giving the apparel a slightly raised texture.

Plastisol inks give the image a superior color saturation and durability.

When screen printing with plastisol ink, there is an option to apply only one hit of ink which creates a more vintage, lighter look. It also allows for a less elevated texture and more of the fabric to show through the print.

Also another consideration, depending on the choice of fabric, dark colors may require a white underbase to allow a light color suck as yellow, or pink to show up properly.  This will increase your color count on your print.



Water based inks are Eco Friendly and water soluble. 

Water based ink absorbs into the fibers of the garment achieving a soft hand touch. Water Based inks are considered premium and desirable for achieving a high end look.

Water based inks have a low opacity, therefore they work better when printed on light colored fabrics with dark colored inks.

Water based inks can be printed on dark colored garments but they need to first have a white underbase printed so they will show up properly. Normally we would use a discharge ink to print on dark garments.

Water based inks generally do not last as long as plastisol inks. 

We will normally not print with water based inks unless requested from our customer.



Discharge ink is used mainly to print lighter colors onto dark colored fabrics.  Unlike Water based inks, you can actually print a bright yellow ink on a black fabric!

Discharge ink works by removing the dye of the fabric and replacing it with a pigment color. The pigment dyes the actual fabric itself as opposed to applying a surface layer of ink onto the fabric.

Once laundered, you will notice virtually no textural difference between the printed and unprinted areas of the garment. It is especially beneficial when printing designs with fine lines with lots of detail.

It should be noted that discharge inks dye cotton fibers only. Using this method on garments composed of polyester, rayon, etc, will create undesired results. Although it can be done, we cannot guarantee the final result.